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Meet Us

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John Rife
Founder & Owner

John is native to Central Florida and a passionate supporter of the small businesses and food entrepreneurs that are making the area a vibrant and tasty place to live. East End Market is a marrying of his experience as a commercial real estate developer and his efforts over the last five years to champion a local and sustainable food system.

In 2010 he founded the Winter Park Harvest Festival, and along with fellow East End staff, he runs farm to table events, agritourism trips, gardening classes and the Winter Park Urban Farm. From public speaking engagements to teaching urban agriculture at Rollins, John is one of Central Florida’s most vocal advocates for the Good Food movement.

small FrazierFoto 8895Kamrin Rife
Chief Financial Officer

Kamrin Rife brings her background in business and strategic financial planning to East End Market. Upon completing her undergraduate degree in International Business from Rollins College, she continued on to receive her MBA and Sports Business Management Master’s Degree from the University of Central Florida’s DeVos program.

She took a break from the business world to raise her two children before joining the East End Market team as the Chief Financial Officer. In her role she is responsible for the day-to-day finances, financial forecasting, and business analysis. She brings the perspective of a mother to the business as well, looking for areas in which East End Market can help parents teach their children about good, whole foods and engage children in making their own healthy food choices.

Jessica Tantalo
Chef in Residence

A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Jessica has followed her passion for food to kitchens throughout Florida and North Carolina. She accredits her parents with instilling the respect and familiarity of cooking at a young age. Her Mother, always experimenting with a new cuisine while forcing transparency of ingredient origin and nutritional value, while her Father, is a traditional perfectionist when it comes to Sunday Suppers. A delicate blend of professional culinary training refined by meticulous mentors has only furthered her obsession of great food.

Sustenance and frivolity continue to lie at her hearts core, along with a dedicated responsibility to support the local food movement. On a mission not only to educate everyone on the simple and rewarding techniques of cooking, but also to expand the pantry of the home cook. By removing the fear of the unknown, she hopes to empower experimental diners to eat seasonally and sustainably. Every part of cooking is delicate. It simultaneously requires all five senses, that is why it is so special, and she wants to keep it that way.


IMG_7861aAshley Coggins
General Manager

Ashley Coggins came to East End Market with experience in the culinary industry as a freelance writer, recipe developer and had a hand in managing and planning local food focused events. She also has a Bachelor in Science from the University of New Haven.

Along with cooking, photography and traveling, she is passionate about food and loves sharing her affinity for cuisine through her writing and charity work. She vows that nothing brings people together like an appetizing meal and great conversation.




Heather Grove

A graduate of Stetson University, with degrees in Environmental Science and Geography, Heather started her career in the local food movement with an in-depth assessment of Volusia County’s local food system. Through her research, she met and began working with John Rife in 2011.  After helping to produce the Winter Park Harvest Festival, she served as Community Manager for East End (2013-2016), helping to promote the Market’s role in Central Florida as a food and cultural hub.

In addition to five years working to create and sustain East End, she worked with farmers throughout North and Central America and helped co-found the bike-powered urban farming program, Fleet Farming. Heather continues to share East End’s mission with the greater global community as she explores the promising future of local food around the world.

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Gabby Othon Lothrop

Gabby Othon Lothrop came to the East End Market team with experience in grass-roots work for the Good Food Movement. She became deeply involved in the Central Florida Local Food scene when she took on the role of Director of the Audubon Park Community Market in 2009, and has worked since then to grow the market and the small businesses that make it a successful weekly gathering.

This led her to co-found with John Rife A Local Folkus, a local food events and marketing company that produces the farmers market, annual Harvest Festivals, and other events that celebrate farm to table living in Central Florida. In addition to her work in local food, Gabby serves as a regional director of Slow Food, a global movement to ensure good, clean and fair food for all.


Ari Davis
Business Development

Ari brings to East End his passion for purpose based business and hopes to nurture and continue to grow the brand throughout the local communities of Orlando. He was born in New Zealand and was brought up by a family who has obsessively grown fruits and veggies in their backyard. He is an MBA candidate at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business and add’s to the flavor of East End through his diverse work experiences in multiple cultures including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

Ari’s passion is to leverage his life experiences to have an impact in the Food, Agriculture. and Renewable energy industries through progressive change and innovation at the local level.