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  1. The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone Florida Workshops and Keynote

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that we are bringing The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone, best selling author and YouTuber down to Orlando, November 7th – 11th.  While in Florida, Curtis will be giving a keynote and teaching some profitable urban farming workshops.  Whether you are just ag-curious or a seasoned gardener looking to up your game, you are not going to want to miss being around this inspiring farmer and entrepreneur.

    Almost 5 years ago I was upstairs here at the market pitching to IDEAS for Us a pedal powered urban farming concept I was calling Fleet Farming.  As part of that pitch I showed a video of my inspiration, a revolutionary young urban farmer named Curtis Stone, who was profitably farming just a 1/4 acre of borrowed land in Kelowna, BC Canada and creating a system to share his hard won knowledge with other aspiring urban farmers.

    Since that time Curtis has become an indispensable authority on small scale urban agriculture.  Through his best selling book The Urban Farmer, his online courses, his YouTube channel with almost a quarter million subscribers and countless international workshops, conferences and consultations, Curtis continues to push the boundaries of urban farming and is at the cutting edge of urban ag’s innovation.

    Whether you are looking for a sustainably minded side-hustle or you’re ready to make urban farming you’re main gig, Curtis has a time-tested system to make that dream a reality.  To put it frankly, he is going to show you how you can make up to $100,000 on just a quarter acre of land.  He’s done it and now it’s your turn.

    As our communities increasingly look to know where their food comes from and who’s grown it, urban farming is poised to answer those questions one backyard farm at a time.

    It is totally possible to farm profitably in backyards and small underutilized parcels of land.  Profitability is often elusive for beginning farmers because they don’t use the the specific farming techniques these small plots require and aren’t growing the right crops for their farm and market.

    Curtis will be sharing how specializing in high value crops with short growing cycles is the key when selling to niche markets like restaurants, CSA’s and retail store.

    Since 2010, he’s been successfully farming on multiple urban plots in his city’s downtown and he’ll be demystifying his process for you.  You too can farm on very small plots of land without the burden of buying you own land or the debt typically required to start up the usual infrastructure that most farms need.  The truth is the financial barrier to entry in urban ag is actually pretty low.  Thanks to his efforts and other pioneers, there are now tools that have been specifically designed and uniquely adapted to the small scale intensive farming Curtis’ espouses.

    With the tips, strategies and tactics you’ll discover in his workshop you’ll shave two to three years off your farm’s start up and avoid the countless mistakes he made getting started.  Even with more than a decade of hobby farming under my belt I always walk away from his workshops with a boatload of a’ha moments and knowledge bombs.

    If you’ve even wondered if your passion for growing veggies could be a viable business, then these workshops are for you.  You don’t need to make a huge financial investment or even own the land you want to farm.  It’s all totally doable with the right ‘know how’ and that’s where these workshops come in!

    Here is how you can Catch Curtis while he’s in our neck of the woods:

    Wednesday November 7th:

    His time with us begins Wednesday November 7th at 6:45pm at East End Market with a FREE keynote he’ll be giving at The HIVE, IDEAS for Us’ monthly Think + Do Tank. Details HERE.

    Saturday and Sunday the 10th and 11th: TICKETS HERE

    Then Curtis’ main workshop is a 2 day workshop Saturday November 10th and Sunday November 11th here in Orlando.

    Day 1 is being hosted here at the market and will be a classroom / lecture style blitzkrieg distilling the the organic intensive techniques, tools and infrastructure he uses and focuses additionally on the business systems, software and labor efficiencies he’s developed to streamline your production.

    Day 2  will be hosted at Sugar Top Farm in Clermont and is an on-farm demonstration / workshop day.  Curtis will be demonstrating the small machinery, hand tools and DIY infrastructure that makes managing these mirco-farms efficient and keeps overhead expenses down.  You’ll also be getting a behind the scenes look at Jessica and Jordan Coopers’ fantastic farm.

    More details and ticketing information for the Orlando workshop is HERE

    I do sincerely hope that you’ll join us for one of Curtis’ workshops and take your urban farming and market gardening to the next level.  Besides being a friend, Curtis is truly an inspiration for the style of farming I do and a constant source of wisdom.

    If you have any questions leave us a comment below and we look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Beaver and Bison – Beyond the Counter


    One of our beloved retailers when we first opened was Old Inc.  From home decor and customer furniture to vintage rentals Old inc. had a little something for everyone.  By far the most notable pieces were custom built signature furnishings that were individually designed for their customer.  Using reclaimed wood, metal and sustainable materials these items often became the show piece of many local homes, offices and restaurants.

    That custom work has been a mainstay for Josh and Kristen Allen, Old Inc’s founders.  Some of their most recent work can be seen in the outfittings at the recently opened Hunger Street Taco’s.  While the custom work is arguably what Old Inc. is most known for, there has been a burning passion in Josh’s soul to take the brand in a new an exciting direction.

    After leaving the market to expand their operation in a showroom/warehouse north of town, Josh met Paulina Wisniewski who would in many ways serve as a co-conspirator for the transition to Old’s new endeavor.

    A Montreal native Paulina had earned her stripes working in design.  Everything from children’s and men’s fashion to a stint in jewelry design for local non-profit.  It was on a side gig as Old Inc’s administrative assistant where she began drawing Josh toward a new an exciting change for the Old Inc. brand.

    Enter Beaver and Bison – The fusion of Josh and Paulina’s vision for a brand new aesthetic with clean lines and a strong utilitarian element to the design.  The offering have a sense of dependability and simplicity.  There is a feeling like the corner mirror and this seasons’s sofa for instance will grace the home of a customers for a lifetime if not reach heirloom status.

    The name too is a fusion of sorts.  With the Bison, America’s new national mammal, coming out of extinction and steadfastly anchoring the brands and the Beaver with its industriousness and wood worker skills is a nice nod to Paulina’s Canadian roots .

    You can see the evolution of their brand in Beaver and Bison’s first capsule.  This Winter / Spring collection hosts 12 items and furnishings made in house and 12 from makers and designers that the B&B team curate from the best-of-the-best around the world.  Each year will showcase 2 capsules with the look and feel shifting to lead local and international trends as well as give a nod to the season of the year in which the capsule debuts.

    Here is a link to their latest.

    What I love most about Old Inc’s story is this ongoing evolution.  From operating their 200 Sft. shop in the market to now expanding into an internationally aware, yet locally based business, Old Inc. has adapted to both external trends and paid credence to internal yearnings.

    One of the great assets of East End is its ability to provide a venue for small-scale entrepreneurs to get market validation for a concept without having to commit to a long term lease or exorbitant rent.  The ability to pivot is part-and-parcel of the way the market was designed.  By listening to their customers and to their heats the Allens have matured their business and brand in a way that feels really authentic and sustainable.

    We wish them and Paulina the best of fortunes with the launch of Beaver and Bison and are totally stoked with their first capsule.  With more high design and quality furnishings / decor in the pipeline we’re confident the brand will flourish.

    Beaver and Bison has a brand launch coming soon to showcase their current offerings so pop-over to their Facebook page to get all the details.

  3. Tenant Comings and Goings

    As we move into Summer we have some comings and goings at the market worth mentioning.

    For starters we are excited to be welcoming Farm-Haus into the space vacated by Bookmark It.  We started talking with Brittany and Patrick way back in August of 2014 about their farm-fresh dinner delivery service.  They have been serving up delicious meals for home delivery and pick-up at the market ever since and are now preparing to launch their brick-and-mortar stall in the market hall.  We are really excited to see what this team comes up with and for customers to be able to get the full Farm-Haus experience in person.

    For all you Bookmark It fans, don’t fret.  Kim has a selection of her books up at the Local Roots store at the front of the market and you can also check up their new shop across the street in the Lovely Boutique with their grand opening coming June 18th 5-6pm.  Bookmark It still plans on bringing some top notch authors through East End and hosting their annual Locally Grown Words book fair and other local literary events in the courtyard and APEX, so thankfully it’s not goodbye forever.

    We have some Summer pop-ups coming to the Fatto in Casa space beginning this weekend Cassandra and Georgie of Gezellig Cookies and Flour Life Bakery.  This dynamic dessert duo will be serving up Dutch stroopwafels, French macarons and much more starting June 15th through mid July.  Cassandra has been a regular a the market, baking away in our commissary kitchen filling the air with wafting caramel and baking waffle dough.  It was hard to resist on the days that she was baking but now that she’ll be here more permanently a stoopwafel and flat white coffee may just become a new daily routine.

    We are desperately going to miss Fatto in Casa’s pear torte and her amazing mocha cake, but with her heart and family in Italy we’re looking forward to what inspiration she brings back from her furlough with her family in Italy.  Elisa, Fatto’s owner, has been a friend of the market long before it was even being considered and her warm spirit and hospitality have been a mainstay since the market’s inception.  Her husband Ron Scarpa was the contractor who brought new life to this old building and without the two of them East End would be a shadow of what it is today.  Thank you to you both and “via securi” Elisa.

    We’ve got another biz that’s flown the coop.  Cathy Sands has outgrown us.  Demand for her design aesthetic and talents have required more staff and space.  You can visit her in her new and ‘bigger’ space / showroom right across East End avenue in the Corrine Drive Marketplace, next to Eric Horner Interiors.  Congrats Cathy on the growth of your business and thanks for spending 2 years with us.  We look forward to hearing more about the next chapter in your entrepreneurial ventures.

    Stepping into Cathy’s former office will be Steven Miller Photography.  If you’ve been around Audubon Park in recent years you’ve undoubtedly seen this talented young photographer snapping memorable images of the local happenings.  More often than not, if you see an amazing photo of a local event chances are good Steven was behind the camera.  We look forward to becoming Steven’s home base as he continues to grow his business and bring attention to the wonderful sights of Central Florida.

    Last but certainly not least – Txokos, the Basque themed restaurant started by James Beard nominated chef Henry Salgado, of Spanish River Grille fame, has closed its doors for good.  This was a deeply personal project for the Salgados, inspired by their journey through the secretive gastronomic societies of Spain’s Basque region. They sold the concept in September of last year to raise capital for a potential relocation of their Spanish River Concept in New Smyrna and despite the new owners having the very gifted Gina Bugayong, formerly of FRESH, at the helm the restaurant failed to keep the same spark diners experienced while the Salgados were in the house.  The current owners of Txokos are in the process of selling the business and working with East End to find a concept to bring a new culinary concept to the restaurant space at the market.  We’ll keep you up to speed as things develop and look forward to debuting a new concept in late Summer / Early Fall.

  4. East End General Manager Job Opportunity

    We are hiring



    What we do

    We run East End Market, Orlando’s first artisan food hall and event venue.

    We strive to be a living billboard for the good food movement and our passion is to incubate small food businesses and nurture the next generation of food and farming entrepreneurs to continue pushing the boundaries.

    East End is a place where you’ll overhear discussions about local food, taste and see Orlando’s culinary renaissance, meet urban farmers, make new friends and share a craft beer with your neighbors.

    At our core – we want to create meaningful experiences for our customers around food; with the goal of inspiring our friends and neighbors to pick up their own spade or spatula and add their culinary and agricultural spark to Central Florida.

    About the owners

    From planting seeds and pulling weeds to balancing the books Kamrin and I are partners in life and business. East End’s creation was inspired by a 3 month road trip we took in 2007. After traveling coast to coasts in our travel trailer ‘Kodi’ we wanted to bring back some of the best ideas we’d seen on the road and share them with folks in Central Florida. East End is very much the physical manifestation of this desire. A place for the food artisans, farmers and fans of both to congregate and hatch the next ‘best’ thing for Orlando.

    Along with Jessica Tantalo, our chef-in-reseindece, we manage the day-to-day business at East End, make big dreams for the future and seeking always to be introducing something new to market goers…..and we’re looking for someone to join our team.

    Why Join our Team

    Independence – I am an entrepreneur because I like to solve problems using my experience and intellect in new and creative ways. Working at East End you’ll be given the same freedom, to look at a problem that need solving or a task to complete and then use your wit and experience to tackle the task at hand.

    Learn – With the multi-faceted nature of our business, there is always something new to experience and learn. Although there is certainly a rhythm to the work week here, each day offers a variety of options about how to best accomplish our goals.

    Work with super cool people – Our merchants, clients and customers are some of the best people in Orlando. From cutting edge coffee culture to thought-leading non-profits, East End is always full of the coolest folks in town.

    Make meaningful connections – If you love food, farming and Orlando culture, then working with East End will in many ways put you at one of the epicenters of Central Florida’s renaissance. While we hope any hire stays with us as long as possible, inevitably the time will come when adventure calls them away and the network they will build while working here is an invaluable resource for whatever endeavor they will take on next.

    Make a difference – At East End we are always looking to do things more sustainably, more equitably and to be looking for ways to profit in a way that strengthen our people and our planet. You’ll be joining a team and community of world-changers and we look forward to having you add your shoulder to the plow.

    General Manager – This is a full-time position.

    Are you someone who is organized and know hows to get shit done. Do you have the ability to manage the details? Are you able to manage projects and prioritize?

    If you are you might be our next team member.

    We are looking for a general manager to stand at the control center of our business and keep the engines of progress firing. As we innovate and pioneer we need someone to make sure that there is fuel in the tank and our safety belts are buckled.

    We don’t need you to be an expert at operating East End, we can teach you what you need to know, but we do need you to have experience in how to manage a variety of projects, initiatives and communication channels simultaneously.

    We need you to make sure that with all that we have going on under this big top, that we don’t drop the ball on quality or customer service.

    The GM is the nucleus of what we do at East End. He/she will be responsible for keeping their finger on the pulse.

    The GM will:

    • Field all incoming inquiries from tradition and social media journalist and bloggers
    • Handle traditional snail-mail and manage East End’s general inquiry e-mail account
    • Answer and distribute all phone and voicemail – maybe 3-4 calls a day
    • Tenant’s first point of contact for non-kitchen related issues
    • Manage non-catered event space rentals and contract acquisition
    • Aid with event renter’s Audio Visual needs if needed
    • Monitor social media channels, post content and respond to comments
    • Manage data entry and event post creation for EEM programming
    • Poster creation and graphic design from templates
    • Bi-weekly electronic newsletter creation and distribution
    • Manage music mix heard by customers in the market hall
    • Coordinating pop-up shops / visiting business tabling at the market
    • Aid with EEM event creation, logistics and production
    • Schedule and coordinate with our cadre of local musicians
    • Schedule and coordinate with our community yoga instructors
    • Liaison with our IT monitoring agency and internet provider
    • Manage any part-time employees and/or interns not kitchen related
    • Making sure Standard Operating Procedures are followed and deadlines met
    • Maintain a projects/initiatives ‘task board’
    • Manage and set agenda for weekly team meeting
      • What was accomplished since the last meeting
      • What is going to be accomplished before the next meeting
      • What is holding the team back from completing their tasks

    It would be helpful if in the past you:
    Worked in an ever changing environment where adapting to conditions was paramount
    Managed small teams or multiple departments
    Saw projects through from inception to completion
    Worked with coworkers and customers from diverse backgrounds and worldviews

    This position will require:
    Someone open to a flexible work schedule
    Some being on-call on alternating weekends and occasionally having to be on-site on weekends.
    Occasional 7am start times or after 5 pm end times
    Some long hour days balanced with some short hour days

    This position is probably not idea for someone who:
    Is just looking for a side-job
    Is looking for a traditional 9-5

    This position is for:

    • Someone who anticipates problems and solves them quickly
    • Is resourceful but cost conscious
    • Can manage stress and tight deadlines
    • Works very well with other people and can build rapport quickly with team members and tenants
    • Has an attention to detail and to brand quality
    • Is a good and frequent communicator
    • Is highly organized but able to move quickly
    • Takes ownership and pride in their work
    • Is not afraid of new challenges
    • Is a quick study and open to change
    • Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly
    • Is tech savvy but doesn’t need an IT degree
    • Can handle direct feedback and doesn’t need to be coddled
    • Can manage several moving pieces and stay collected and focused

    Why should you be interested in this position:
    You get to work with interesting people and make cool things happen
    You get to have a hand in the shaping of a well loved brand
    You get to work upstairs from some of the best food in Orlando
    You get to meet and listen to some of the best local musicians in town
    You get to rub shoulders with truly inspiring innovators and creators

    Why this job is important:
    We help launch and inspire countless food and farming entrepreneurs to lend their creative effort to shaping Orlando’s future
    We host amazing authors and thought leaders whose works change minds and heart
    We stand for something that is good and fight for what’s best instead of only focussing on the bottom line
    Your role ensures that the underlying gears of this grand machine don’t fall to pieces when the owner is off exploring some new hair-brained scheme.

    What does it pay?

    The position pays anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 depending on your experience.

    Interested? Here is how to apply:

    Please film a video-interview of yourself covering the following topics.

    • Tell us about yourself
    • Tell us about your previous experiences that would qualify you for this GM position
    • Tell us why you’d be the best person for the job
    • Tell us why you want to join our team

    Please e-mail your resume along with your preferred contact information and a link to your video to:

    Please do not e-mail the actual video file.

    When will you hear back:
    We are looking to fill this position ASAP, but will wait for the right fit. That can take time.

    Please give us at least 2 weeks to review your application and if you don’t hear back from us waiting 14 days from submitting your application then you aren’t a candidate we are pursuing.

    PLEASE DO NOT CALL us to follow up on this application process. We will reach out to you.

    Thank you for considering this position and for your time!

    John Rife

  5. Midnight Market


    In celebration of East End Market’s second anniversary, we’re kicking off the festivity-filled weekend with a private after-hours fiesta!

    [do action=”button” linkurl=””]Purchase Tickets[/do]

    mariachi 2Coinciding with the Mexican holiday Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), we want to live it up with you, and give thanks for all of the life you have given to the market and our community of local foodpreneurs.

    On Friday October 30th from 9:00 pm to midnight East End’s merchants will feature authentic Mexican recipes throughout the evening, paying tribute to one of the world’s most colorful market-centered cultures.

    We are also hosting a truly incredible mariachi band, the fine folks from Salsa Heat will be dancing up a storm and several of the market will be bedecked in Día De Los Muertos themed decor.

    We invite you to an evening full of flavors, sights, sounds and salsa dancing! Menu soon to come!

    Check out the AMAZING menu for the evening!

    Las Bebidas:

    • Blood Grapefruit Margarita with habanero tequila [Txokos]
    • Mexican Sake Bar [Kappo]
    • Mexican beer and Dia De Los Muertos punch [Local Roots & East End]

    La Comida:

    • Pork Carne Asada Taco Bar [Houndstooth]
    • Mexican City Soup with fresh lime and avocado, served with Chipotle Grilled Cheese Sandwiches [La Femme du Fromage]
    • Terrine of Chipotle-smoked Pork with Mexican Chorizo on Local Bitter Greens with Pistachio Vinaigrette [Local Roots]
    • Mexican spicy hot chocolate made with our 70% dark upala Costa Rica cacao [Lineage]
    • Pan de muerto and zombie fingers [Olde Hearth]
    • Floral arrangements and photo booth altar [Porch Therapy]
    • Carrot cake treats and vegan pudding [Skyebird]
    • Rice Pudding and candied pumpkin [Fatto in Casa]
    • Mexican Spice Chocolate cookies [Gezellig]
    • Lime shortbread with lime icing and chipotle sea salt [Jane’s Short and Sweet]
    • Charcuterie display featuring imported meats and cheeses, pickled and grilled vegetables, imported olives, grape leaves, roasted peppers, artichokes, and a Smoked Bacon and Bleu Cheese Strata [Cuisiniers]

    [do action=”button” linkurl=””]Purchase Tickets[/do]