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Curtis Stone 2 Day Profitable Urban Farming Workshop – Orlando

  • Curtis Stone 2 Day workshop Orlando
    November 10, 2018 - November 11, 2018
    9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Profitable Market Farming

Join The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone, best selling author and YouTuber as he demonstrates how it is possible to generate a significant income on small plots of land. Curtis’ farm, Green City Acres has been in business for nine years and has achieved gross profits exceeding $100,000 from just a quarter acre of land. (Check out the video below to get a behinds the scenes tour).

These numbers are made possible by a combination of strategies from using the right tools, appropriate technology, the right crops, best market streams, and applying some principled economics and mindset strategies. In this 2 day workshop and demo, he will discuss all of the fundamental techniques that can make any small scale farm very profitable. Whether you are farming in the city on small plots or growing on larger acreage, the principles are applicable in many different contexts and settings. Curtis will also be showcasing other case study farms that he has encountered in his travels throughout North America.

Day 1 (Saturday 9am – 5pm) is being hosted here at the market and will be a classroom / lecture style blitzkrieg distilling the the organic intensive techniques, tools and infrastructure he uses and focuses additionally on the business systems, software and labor efficiencies he’s developed to streamline your production.

Day 2  (Sunday 8am – 1pm) will be hosted at Sugar Top Farm in Clermont and is an on-farm demonstration / workshop day.  Curtis will be demonstrating the small machinery, hand tools and DIY infrastructure that makes managing these mirco-farms efficient and keeps overhead expenses down.  You’ll also be getting a behind the scenes look at Jessica and Jordan Coopers’ fantastic farm.


Anyone signing up for the full-day workshop will also get access to Curtis’ Online Profitable Urban Farming Workshop.

This course includes over 11 hours of content:  You will learn about strategic small farm production techniques that Curtis has used and refined during his farming career.  As well as how to use modern technology to better manage your business saving you time and money!  Additionally he covers how to optimize your harvest data and on farm info to expedite your learning curve and better manage your business and farm.  Finally there is 3 hours of content that takes you through a step-by-step production plan and week-by-week view into profitably farming a quarter acre plot.

This content alone is valued over $200.

For more details on this killer bonus HERE


3201 Corrine Dr., Orlando, Florida, 32803


The event space with attached demonstration kitchen at East End Market.


  1. Appears to be great info but why not a successful local Florida farm / farmer that can show us successful growing in the Florida heat?? I want to know how to be a profitable small farm that can only be accomplished here by managing the heat / sun / insects and those types of problems.

    • Van that is a great question. I would say that most of the successful urban farmers I know and small scale farmers locally and in my travels consider Curtis and Jean Martin Fortier as their modern mentors. The methodology that they promote is less about particular microclimates and more on the tools, strategies, efficiencies of small scale farming and providing a trustworthy system for crop planning, production, harvesting, post harvest handling, marketing, sales, etc.

      As part of this workshop we will be we will be at Sugar Top Farms which is a very successful local farm where Jordan and Curtis will be showing how the systems are tweaked for local climate, pests and challenges.

      In addition I find IFAS’s extensive online database of articles, research and guides indispensable with coming up with strategies like shade growing, integrated pest management, working with local soils etc. tailored to Florida farming. Also check out Florida organic growers for more florida specific tactics.

      All that being said I have learned much from farmers in other parts of the country where 90% of the challenges are shared. While there are certainly plenty of places to plug in to better your Florida farming this workshop is with someone who is leading the small farm revolution and I guarantee you he will not disappoint.

  2. Has the Stuart seminar been cancelled, I went to sign up and the link no longer works

    • Cynthia – yes I’m sorry to say that the Stuart event was canceled. There were not enough attendees to make it work. We found that we had a good number of South Florida folks that were choosing to come up to the two day workshop instead of the one day in Stuart. The few that did sign up for Stuart have opted instead after it was cancelled to come up to Orlando. I’ll be happy to email you some details if you want to consider that option.

  3. Ecotone Farm is a local, mostly hydroponic farm located in Fellsmere, Indian River County which is about 1 1/2 hours south of Orlando. We have climate controlled greenhouses that we grow our lettuce and leafy greens well into the summer months. We have been in business since 2012 and are expanding rapidly with other products and agri-tourism events.

    • Thanks for reaching out Jerry. I checked out your website. I’ll circle back sometime soon to learn more about what you all are up to. Form the blog posts and images it looks awesome.

  4. Hello
    I am interested in attending this event on Sunday. Is it to late to register?
    Thank you
    Chris Reynolds

    • You can still register. Just extended the registration until tomorrow morning. So feel free to register and if you have any issues let us know. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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