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Maker Side Hustle Workshop

  • Maker Side Hustle Workshop
    September 23, 2017
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Maker Side Hustle Workshop:  The Sane, Safe & Savvy Start-up

Biz Strategy for Creative Prosperity

Have a hobby or peculiar passion project you want to bring to market? Forget the high-stakes “Fast Company” approach and learn about Julie Wilder’s Strategically Slow (& LEAN) Start-Up – an organic path to prosperity empowered by the Etsy online marketplace. Join us to learn from local makers & retailers as they share their hard earned wisdom to help you stand out and shortcut your way to success.

This immersive workshop for hobby, craft and creative makers of all stripes introduces the power of online marketplaces (with emphasis on Etsy, the premier maker market), teaching you the art of business savvy that keeps your soul and bank account intact. This strategy session is the spark you need to move from just-piddling-around-hobbyist to product designer of a scalable and smart product collection. Also great for existing businesses looking to expand to an online marketplace.

At the end of the day, you will understand how to chart a savvy pathway out of your day job with minimal risk – working smarter, not harder – to confidently and organically grow a prosperous product line with ease and grace, one that flexes around your ideal lifestyle. And you’ll have a cohort of savvy classmates to collude, conspire and collaborate with in the months following.

Since this is primarily a strategic thinking workshop, anyone can attend who has an interest in side hustles – starting one or growing one. Existing online shopkeepers and those curious about the potential of Etsy will both find it accessible and valuable. It’s designed for creatives just like you by successful serial entrepreneur and long-time localist advocate, Julie Wilder.

The story behind the side hustle that inspired this workshop is featured in this book & on the Side Hustle School podcast.

Julie Wilder did business the “hard” way – she was the co-founder and co-owner of Dandelion Communitea Cafe, which grew to over a million in revenue and 15,000 Facebook fans by her exit in 2015. After a decade of exhilarating but extremely stressful “success” as a social entrepreneur, she knew that there had to be an easier way.

Understanding the pitfalls of doing too much, too fast, she sought a more pleasant & practical path to prosperity. A longtime fan of both the Slow Food & Slow Money movements, she now advocates up & coming entrepreneurs adopt a strategically “Slow” start-up ethic to avoid burnout, reduce financial risk & keep creative agency.

After an accidental success on Etsy, she has embraced online platforms as a revolutionary tool bringing economic power & autonomy to the people. Those who have traditionally been left behind because they need greater flexibility (such as stay at home caregivers, retirees, or those with a disability) or power brokers haven’t recognized their genius (women and people of color who can’t access capital) – this technology is equalizing the playing field. Online marketplaces (like Etsy) are an essential component of a localist economy where regular people like you can gain substantial economic prosperity on your terms & schedule.

The eight-hour workshop is a synergistic mix of panel discussions, mindflex strategy sessions, peer brainstorming and, of course, delicious food is available at East End’s marketplace for a networking lunch.

Loosen The Chains • Build Autonomy • Keep Creative Agency
Main components include:

  • Designer Mindflex: A case study in how I made $15k last year working less than part time on one product, step by step.
  • Back Door Tour: I’ll show you the Etsy shopkeeper dashboard, wholesale portal and manufacturing back end.
  • Product Photography: Juan Rivera will share a mini session on product photography & share with us about the Melrose Center at the Orange County Library & how makers can lean into this incredible community resource.
  • Panel Discussion: Gain insights from successful local makers & retailers.
  • Peer Consultation: Harnessing group wisdom to assess your idea, products or existing Etsy shop to brainstorm ways to boost your business.

(Check out the Full Schedule, HERE)

“I took a class from Julie dealing with how to succeed in the world of Etsy. I don’t think it’s possible that she could’ve passed on any more knowledge! She was super generous with her knowledge and experience with Etsy and made sure that we knew that we could ask her any questions after the class was done. I would highly recommend taking this class if you, like me, are intimidated with sticking your toes into the Etsy river!” – Bonnie Rich of Rich’s Pantry

About the Workshop Organizer

Julie Wilder has lived the life of her design, doing what she loves while doing good – and getting paid for it. She earned her entrepreneurial stars as co-founder of Dandelion Communitea Cafe, an organic gathering place in Orlando, Florida. Her side hustle, an astrology calendar, made $15k on Etsy last year.

She’s been the producer and host of Front Porch Radio on WPRK 91.5fm for the past decade and is one of the original co-founders of Orlando’s Local First movement, now in full swing. She graduated from UCF with a Business degree & now consults when she is available between projects. To learn more visit

Want to get a flavor of what you can expect at the workshop? Check out this 1 hour Facebook Live video where Julie shares 5 secrets to Side Hustle success.


3201 Corrine Dr., Orlando, Florida, 32803


The event space with attached demonstration kitchen at East End Market.


  1. Hello,

    My friend and I are interested in attending this workshop in person. Is the. $69 pricing also for in person attendance and where in the market will the workshop take place and do we need to bring anything . I appreciate your time in reviewing our request for clarification.

    • Laura, the $65 ticket is for the webinar version (live stream) the in person workshop is $95 and located the APEX event space on the second floor of the Market.

  2. Hello I would like to attend the workshop but I wondering why is the price of the workshop so high? Are we going to walk away with any books/ materials? Sorry about my questions and thank you.

    • Cindy, The workshop is run by successful entrepreneurs who are providing actionable advice and tactics that you could likely implement ASAP and within a few days cover the cost of your workshop. The most expensive option, the VIP ticket includes for additional trainings after the class and thus the increased price. I’m not sure if there are workshop materials provided but I’ll find that out and get back to you.

  3. I’ve tried five times on three different platforms to register and pay for this event. I keep getting error messages.

    • Sorry to hear about the issues registering for the workshop. We can register you manually and send you the info by email. If anyone else has similar issues please contact us and we can register you manually.

  4. Really looking forward to this! I registered for in-person attendance but need to switch to viewing the live stream. Do I need to do anything special to make that happen?
    How do I access the live stream? Thank you!

    • Jane, You should have received an invite to the private Facebook group for this workshop. You will be able to view the live stream on within that group page beginning at 9am on the day of the workshop. You should have also received an e-mail from me and please feel free to correspond with me via e-mail if you have any further questions or concerns.

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