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Fri-Sat 7a-9p, Sun 8a-6p

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Sat-Sun 11:00-2:30; 5:30-10:00



East End Market Pops Up in Winter Park

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The Winter Park YMCA and East End Market are partnering to help you commit to getting fit by making local groceries more convenient to bring home! Every Tuesday from 9am – Noon, we will set up a mini-market at the YMCA to showcase our merchants’ products. From produce and organic juices to provisions and fresh-cut flowers, you’ll be able to find it there!

pecans and okra large

Moreover, you’ll get to meet some of the talented merchants coming to East End Market and learn more about their products and how to prepare them at home. So, lace up and race down to the YMCA every Thursday morning to stock up on some fresh goods, and squeeze in some time at the gym!

large squash

Note: You do not need to be a member of the YMCA to visit the market.

YMCA address: 1201 N Lakemont Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789


  1. Great idea, great place, but inconvenient time. Best of luck…can’t wait for East End grand opening!

    • Hi there, Linda! Thanks so much for the feedback. We’d love to be there every morning, but our merchants are busy with their businesses throughout the rest of the week. There are a couple other farmers markets our vendors attend, including the Audubon Park Community Market on Monday nights and the College Park Farmers Market on Sunday afternoon. We love hearing what would be most convenient for our community though, so feel free to email me at with more suggestions. Once East End Market is open, we’ll most likely be open six days a week, all day long! Looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks again for the comment!
      -Heather Grove, East End Market Community Manager

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