Market Hours: Mon-Thu 7a-7p,
Fri-Sat 7a-9p, Sun 8a-6p

Domu Hours: Mon-Fri 5:30-10:00;
Sat-Sun 11:00-2:30; 5:30-10:00



The First in a Series of Updates from Our Online Television Partner

In January, we began “The Market Minute,” our weekly series of short videos, giving you an insider’s look at the local food scene. To keep you updated on East End Market’s development, we have partnered with Orlando LIVE for a monthly video series on the building’s progress and our upcoming events.

In this series, John Rife, East End Market’s founder and developer, talks about the unique artisan culture the Market will support by creating an engaging and thought-provoking space. You’ll also get a sneak peek inside the space and learn how we are re-adapting the building for our own use. Click the video above to hear more!


  1. Construction is so exciting! Yay for making Orlando have a permanent location that builds community connections between artisans and those interested in health and new venues. Great work John Rife and Team!

    • Thanks so much, Karen! It’s really incredible watching this building come to life! We just can’t wait to see it bustling with merchants, events and market goers! It’s going to be a fun place for sure 🙂

  2. I wanted to tell you how glad I am to see the development and progress of East End Market. My family and I were members of the old church there; my parents attended for nearly 50 years in all. The fellowships and celebrations always included wonderful food, which created some great memories from my childhood and teen years. We were sad to see the building’s decline and resulting emptiness. However, a friend recently told me about East End Market’s new idea and purpose, and I think it is exceptional. Cannot wait to visit EEM when I’m in town next time. I know you will bring a wonderful benefit to the community, and it is heart-warming to see the old building have a new life and mission. I wish you every success.

    • Wow! What an incredible story! We hope to provide a similar place for community and fellowship, just as the church did. If we can stay around for 50 years, as did the church, I would call that success! We really hope you stop by to try some of our merchants’ delicious fare, and introduce yourself next time you are in town! We’d love to hear more about the history of the space too. We hope to be fully open by June 1st. See you at the market : )
      -Heather Grove, East End Market Community Manager

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