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  1. Big Wheel Series Begins This Week!

    If you’ve frequented the Audubon Park Community Market or Orlando’s Food Truck Bazaars over the past couple of years, you may remember a bright orange beast of a truck, creating clouds of the most tantalizing smells. Chef Tony Adams pedaled his Big Wheel Provisions and local meats at the market and served his famous Crab Stuffed Avocado, Bacon Deviled Eggs, and Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts.

    Big Wheel Series copy

    For 10 days this January, Tony is back in town and partnering with East End to bring back our beloved Big Wheel in a series of butchery classes, a  food truck pop-up, and two delicious dinners! We are extremely grateful for the opportunity for Chef Adams to share his years of experience with us, and moreover his passion for preparing local food! The Whole Hog Dinner will feature local heirloom breed pork that will be prepared in a live demo class 2 days prior, showing how to take apart a pig (as seen in the video above). Come learn where your chicken and pork come from, and head over to our Events & Classes page to register. Take note, if you sign up for the Whole Hog Dinner, you will receive a discount code for $25 off the Whole Hog Butchery Class.