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  1. Faces of our Farms: High On The Hog

    We are excited to begin sharing the stories of our local food movers and shakers, and introducing you to the many faces behind the products you can find at the market. You may have heard of Local Root’s Monthly Meat CSA and wondered where Cuts and Craft sources their pork from.

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  2. An Organic Seed Sanctuary

    East End Market recently visited a permaculture seed farm in Geneva, Florida, Organic Sanctuary, to learn more about how a seed farm works. Jonathan Winfrey, founder and owner, gave us a tour and shared more about how they run their farm.

    We were curious as to what makes a seed farm different from any other farm. Come to find, there are lots of differences, but the one we found most interesting is that there are four separate gardens on the far edges of the property. The gardens are separated to prevent the plants from cross pollinating and to keep the fruits true to seed. We wish we could cram all that we learned into the video, but we will have to encourage you to check out their website to learn more!

    Do you save your own seeds? If so, share any tips or tricks below!