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  1. The Expert Panelists of GMO OMG

    GMO OMGTonight’s GMO OMG screening and panel, will offer you more than a fun night out, with a free drink and NON-gmo food. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what’s on your plate and what that means for our health, the environment, our farmers, and the future of food ethics. Bring your questions for the panelists below and be sure to REGISTER HERE!

    pro1Environmental Attorney at Law
    Josephine Balzac, Esq., LL.M. is a licensed attorney and accomplished author, who has published work on legal issues and regulatory framework specific to human and animal food and feed ingredients. In 2012, Ms. Balzac was recognized as the Student Travel Award winner for the Food & Drug Laws Division at the Institute of Food Technologists. She studied international environmental law at The GWU Law School and works locally with the Parramore Environmental Justice Project and Central Florida Sierra Club Chapter. She is currently the Chief Environmental Officer for the EarthWeb Foundation, Inc.

    kevinUniversity of Florida Geneticist
    Dr. Kevin Folta is an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. He has authored over seventy peer-reviewed research articles and two books on fruit breeding and genomics. Kevin has been a proponent of the safe and effective use of biotechnology, and regularly speaks with farmers, scientists and public audiences about the strengths and limitations of the technology.

    10150746_10100901482404403_6610784654668204200_nMarch Against Monsanto Orlando Activist
    Justin Harvey is the Orlando organizer for the international campaign, March Against Monsanto. After researching the topic of GMOs and Monsanto, he became very concerned about the safety of our food, and the future we are leaving to the next generation. “I want to inform the public about the dangers GMOs pose to our health and expose Monsanto’s corrupt business practices. We have a right to know what we are eating.”

    BlueShirt-MEDPhysician + Nutritionist
    Dr. Samadhi Artemisa, Ph.D., A.P. is an Acupuncture Physician, Nutritionist and Iridologist. Through her holistic healthcare services at InJoy Healthcare in Orlando, her writing and teaching, she inspires thousands of people to take charge of their health with good lifestyle habits and proper nutrition.

    Jonathan_HeadshotOrganic Sanctuary Seed Specialist
    Jonathan Winfrey is the organic seed-saving specialist at the Organic Sanctuary permaculture seed farm. Jonathan is a licensed Florida seed dealer & plant-nursery operator who enjoys growing selected seed lines through ongoing generations.

  2. July Update

    We know you all have been wondering about the progress of East End Market, so here is our monthly update! Thank you for your patience and encouragement as we develop East End Market. Because there has never been a project exactly like this before, there are surprises all along the way, and as Owner John Rife would say, “If it was easy, it would have been done before.”

    Not only is East End a learning experience for us, but we also hope that it will offer many educational experiences for you once we open. Our edible landscaping and market garden will be just one of the opportunities to explore and learn at East End. It will awaken you to the possibilities of growing food, says Henry Melendy, Founder of My Yard Farm and landscape designer of East End Market. And John Rife can’t wait to have a market garden, which “will be the billboard for what’s in season.” So, take a peak at what we have accomplished over the past couple of months and leave your comments below.


  3. March Update

    Audubon Park is home to some of Central Florida’s unique hangouts, including Stardust, Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux, Redlight Redlight, Blue Bird Bake Shop, Sushi Lola’s, Park Avenue CDs, and more! As we prepare to bring some of the best up-and-coming food artisans to the area, we hope to inspire a new appreciation for Orlando’s food and art culture. Enjoy Orlando Live‘s March video update of East End Market’s development and please share your comments below!

  4. Olde Hearth Invites Community to Help Shape Business

    Founder/Owner Shannon Talty and Head Baker Janice Brahm

    If you taste their artisan baker’s treats, you easily recognize the care Orlando’s Olde Hearth Bread Company puts into their baking. They are famous for using the best ingredients (with no preservatives) and most talented bakers in town. In 1998, founders Shannon and David Talty responded to a local need for an artisan bakery by opening shop with one “Olde Hearth,” a Llopis circular stone oven imported from Spain. Now, they are responding to Central Florida’s need for a local food hub by joining eleven other local merchants at East End Market.

    As a wholesaler, it is hard to come by their goods unless you catch them at a weekly farmers market or eat out at some of their clients’ restaurants (like Luma, Ravenous Pig or Marriott World Center). Once at East End, you will be able to get fresh bread and interact with these awesome people on the daily! They will continue their production in Casselberry in their stone floor ovens, and have deliveries made to East End everyday.

    Although Olde Hearth will continue to work with some of Orlando’s best chefs and restaurants, they can’t wait to begin interacting directly with the end consumer – you! They are looking forward to meeting their consumers face-to-face, and receiving their input to help shape their production. Shannon Talty says, “We cannot wait to get creative! [East End] will give us a place to really have fun with seasonal ingredients, limited productions and special items.” You may even get some hands-on experience as Talty says he is “looking forward to utilizing the [incubator] kitchen in the future, possibly for educational or development purposes.”

    It’s hard to come by this type of consumer-producer interaction in most food stores, especially with producers of their extraordinary expertise and knowledge. We are proud to have Olde Hearth joining East End, and taking part in the rising movement for local business and artisan food!