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  1. Lineage Roasting: To Educate and Caffeinate


    Coffee: Your morning fuel, a trusty pick-me-up and the delicious addiction none of us are willing to quit. As the second most valuable traded commodity on the global market, there’s probably no need to sell you on coffee (However, we’d be more than happy to at the next Coffee Cupping on August 28th).

    The “lineage” behind Lineage Coffee Roasting are no strangers to bean barometrics, which is why they decided to take on more of a ‘caffeinate and educate’ approach to serving their toasty roast. While many believe that ‘strong and dark’ coffee sits atop the caffeine totem pole, surprisingly they’re mistaken.

    “Often times, people associate dark coffee as rich and strong, but strength is actually determined by viscosity of liquid and the degree of roast on the bean,” educates Jarrett Johnson, founder of East End Market’s Lineage Coffee. “Think of a piece of toast, you pop it in the toaster, you manage to perfect the set time and it comes out slightly browned with the flavor and nutrients (in this case, caffeine) still in tact.”

    nursery2 (1)This ritual-changing revelation was enlightening to say the least. While sommeliers pride themselves on having a refined enough palette to evaluate which region their wine came from, coffee connoisseurs are right on par. “Amazing coffee is grown from all over the world, not just one country. Like wine, the growing region determines the flavor,” adds Jarrett.

    As the friendly faces behind the counter at Lineage Roasting will be the first to attest, all beans are not created equal. However, they’re all unique and can go through a wide variety of roasting and brewing processes before they are poured into a mug. Next time you have a minute, pop by Lineage, let them serve you a fresh cup and enjoy some “coffee talk” with East End Market’s local subject matter experts.