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  1. July Update

    We know you all have been wondering about the progress of East End Market, so here is our monthly update! Thank you for your patience and encouragement as we develop East End Market. Because there has never been a project exactly like this before, there are surprises all along the way, and as Owner John Rife would say, “If it was easy, it would have been done before.”

    Not only is East End a learning experience for us, but we also hope that it will offer many educational experiences for you once we open. Our edible landscaping and market garden will be just one of the opportunities to explore and learn at East End. It will awaken you to the possibilities of growing food, says Henry Melendy, Founder of My Yard Farm and landscape designer of East End Market. And John Rife can’t wait to have a market garden, which “will be the billboard for what’s in season.” So, take a peak at what we have accomplished over the past couple of months and leave your comments below.


  2. An Organic Seed Sanctuary

    East End Market recently visited a permaculture seed farm in Geneva, Florida, Organic Sanctuary, to learn more about how a seed farm works. Jonathan Winfrey, founder and owner, gave us a tour and shared more about how they run their farm.

    We were curious as to what makes a seed farm different from any other farm. Come to find, there are lots of differences, but the one we found most interesting is that there are four separate gardens on the far edges of the property. The gardens are separated to prevent the plants from cross pollinating and to keep the fruits true to seed. We wish we could cram all that we learned into the video, but we will have to encourage you to check out their website to learn more!

    Do you save your own seeds? If so, share any tips or tricks below!

  3. The Month of Merchants

    It’s March, the Month of Merchants! In just about a month, the merchants will begin building out their shops in the market hall. We can’t wait to share the creation of their spaces with you. Before the shops begin to blossom this spring, we’ll be introducing all of our merchants on our blog.

    First up is Freshly Picked! Jenn Aquilia has a serious love affair with flowers and a deep appreciation for her native Floridian terrain. She uses an array of the highest quality blooms from local and regional farms to create the most beautiful floral arrangements for all types of occasions.

    Freshly Picked pops up every week at the Audubon Park Community Market at Stardust Cafe from 6-10pm, and at the Winter Park YMCA on Tuesday mornings from 9am-noon. You can also pick up or place an order for flowers and arrangements. With her creative inspiration and vast variety of flowers, Jenn will help you pick the perfect blooms for your occasion. At East End Market, Freshly picked will also have locally made gift items in store, including whimsical paper products and elegant chocolates. Treat your eyes to her beautiful photography and stay updated by liking her Facebook.

  4. The First in a Series of Updates from Our Online Television Partner

    In January, we began “The Market Minute,” our weekly series of short videos, giving you an insider’s look at the local food scene. To keep you updated on East End Market’s development, we have partnered with Orlando LIVE for a monthly video series on the building’s progress and our upcoming events.

    In this series, John Rife, East End Market’s founder and developer, talks about the unique artisan culture the Market will support by creating an engaging and thought-provoking space. You’ll also get a sneak peek inside the space and learn how we are re-adapting the building for our own use. Click the video above to hear more!