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  1. Trying to keep CALM about WILD Ocean

    Mike and Jeanna Merrifield, two of the owners at their Titusville market

    Mike and Jeanna Merrifield, two of the owners at the Titusville market

    For generations, the family-owned and operated Wild Ocean Seafood Market has provided Central Florida with fresh, wild-caught seafood from their docks in Port Canaveral and the waterways of the southeast. Now, Wild Ocean is heading inland to set up their first shop in Central Florida at East End Market.

    From shellfish to fin fish, crab or lobster, they have quite a selection. By far, their specialty is their succulent Florida Rock Shrimp. Wild Ocean’s founder, Rodney Thompson, is well known for inventing the splitting-machines that created a market for Florida Rock Shrimp, including the world-famous Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant. Wild Ocean is also devoted to sustainability- harvesting antibiotic & growth-hormone free seafood from only naturally renewable resources and pollution-free waters.

    Some of Wild Ocean's seafood (clams, oysters, mahi, pompano, snapper)

    Some of Wild Ocean’s seafood (clams, oysters, mahi, pompano, snapper)

    You can find them at the Audubon Park Community Market on Monday nights, but otherwise, they are hard to catch. So, we are excited to announce being home to Central Florida’s first local seafood provider, and moreover, one of the world’s most ethical seafood companies!